Automatic dry powder compacting press

Those series of powder compacting press equipments are suitable for dry compacting of the magnetizable material, high-performance dry powder ferrite, powder metallurgy, neodymium iron boron powders and ceramic materials. The main parameter of the equipments can be greatly adjusted, they have two-way to suppress the function, ensure all the finished products with even density and good size consistency.

The upper punch pressing motion is a toggle-ling drive system for superior powder compression characteristics. It allows sufficient pressing time and the flowability requirement of powder is therefore reduced.

Floating die pressing and ejection position constant principle is employed where the level of ejection of part from the press is always the same regardless of the part height. Pre-pressing, compressing and top pressing is realized for most of the dry powder compacting machines.

Upper punch holding pressure mechanism with adjustable force helps to eliminate lamination cracks caused by product expansion during ejection.

All the motions of press (pressing travel, withdrawal travel, top-pressing travel, filling height and pressing speed) are infinitely variable with visual scales.

Built-in underfill (or overfill) function with fixed travel is used to prevent from powder spraying and provides better powder filing uniformity.