Automatic Dry Powder Hydraulic Press

The series of dry powder automatic hydraulic presses adopt hydraulic pressure and PC machine control technology and posses the drop-down floating suppression function. Those automatic hydraulic presses are suitable for compacting and molding of dry powder ferrite, lightning conductor, electron ceramic material, powder metallurgy etc. pigeonhole the making type. Automatic feeding and producing process ensure the density and quality of the finished products. The products are even in density, and good consistency in size.

Automatic Dry Powder Hydraulic Press
Automatic Dry Powder Hydraulic Press
Automatic Dry Powder Hydraulic Press

Main Technical parameters:

Specification Unit ZY79-30B1 ZY79-45 ZY72-1000ZG
Nominal pressure KN 300 450 1000
Max. working hydraulic pressure  MPa 315 28 25
Max. return stroke force for upper urn piston KN 27 - 300
Effective dimension for operating platform(Left-right x forward-backward) mm 360×400 360×400 800×800
Max.distance between upper operating platform and lower one mm 800 800 1100 for upper urn piston mm 250 250 400
Max. travel for lower urn piston mm 150 150 200
Max. propping up force for lower urn piston KN 50 120 400
Max. return stroke force for lower urn piston KN 35 94 300
Times of pressing times/min 8 8-10 4-6
Working hydraulic pressure for the material feeding urn MPa 1.6 -- 8
Max. travel for the material feeding urn mm 250 -- 450
Motor power KW 4 4 5.5
(L×W×H)Overall dimension mm 1670×930×2340 1670×930×2340 1080×800×3120
Weight Kg 2500 2500 4570

Rotation Dry Powder Compacting Press

Rotation Dry Powder Compacting PressRotation Dry Powder Compacting Press

9 working positions are evenly distributed in three coaxial disks in the order of upper, middle and lower. Each position has a set of upper punch, die, lower punch and die pin. While with disks rotating, the upper and the lower punch would be up and down according to the curved guider. The pressing would be done when the punches through the pressing rollers.

Mechanical two-direction pressing simultaneously guarantees the even density of the products. The pressing process includes feeding, pre-pressing, pressing and ejection. The machine is working continuously.

The pressing speed is infinitely variable and counting of products is automatic. Forced lubrication to the worm gear and electric-magnetic clutch for braking is designed. Inching operation function protects the safety of the pressing tool.

If needed, the compacting press can be equipped with the electronic pressure monitor system, displaying the pressing force or doing over-pressure alarming.

The precision of the press is high and the consistency of product dimensions and weight is guaranteed.


Electronic pressure monitor system is able to be installed to show the pressing force and do over pressure alarming.

Main Technical Parameters:

Specifications CZ35-030/9 CZ35-070/9 CZ35-150/9
Punches pcs 9 9 9
Punches rotation diameter mm 220 300 410
Compact diameter mm 15 30 45
Filling height (max.) mm 30 45 70
Pressing force (max.) kN 30 70 150
Rotating speed rpm 6-35 6-25 4-12
Driving motor power kW 1.5 4 7.5
Total weight (net) kg 600 1100 2200
Overall height mm 740 758 1210
Overall width mm 575 758 1067
Overall depth mm 1550 1715 2500

Automatic vulcanizing Press

Automatic vulcanizing Press
Automatic vulcanizing Press
XL-Q D500×500
Automatic vulcanizing Press
Automatic vulcanizing Press
Automatic vulcanizing Press
Automatic vulcanizing Press

The upward moving flat vulcanizing press we provide features a capacity ranging from 200KN to 2000KN, can be heated in ways of A type electric heating or B type steam heating, or you may also bring in multi-layer heating board for heating, and there are two types of host computer available: four-post structure and framed structure. They are mainly used in the thermo-compression vulcanizing and molding process for thermoplastic materials such as rubber and plastics.

Main technical parameters:

Model Units Y33-160 JY33-1500 XL-QD500×500 Y33-50A2 Y33-25 Y33-50A1
Nominal pressure KN 1600 1500 500 500 250 500
Max. working hydraulic pressure MPa 16 21 28 28   28
Working platform processing travel mm 500 450 250 250   250
Effective dimension for operating platform(Left-right × forward-backward) mm 750×850 530×600 500×500 400×400   400×400
Upward speed of the operating platform mm/s 9.8 160 36 ≥45   ≥45
Pressing speed of the working platform mm/s 0.65 5 36 50   50
Downward speed of the working platform mm/s 170 >40 ≥30   ≥30
Max. distance between upper operating platform and lower one mm 900 500 250 490   348
Power for each heating board KW 10.8 6 3 3   3
Motor power KW 3 4.5 2.2 2.2   2.2
Temperature for the heating board ≤300 ≤300 ≤250 ≤300   ≤250
Presetting time min 0-20 0-20 0-20 0-20   0-20
Overall dimension (L × W × H) mm 1900×960×2460 956×688×2365 1120×1258×780 1125×800×1685   1125×800×1685
Weight Kg 7000 3600 1500 1500   1500