PCT-220D Series Demagnetizer for both hard and floppy disks

PCT-220D Series Demagnetizer for both hard and floppy disks,hard drive Demagnetizer,floppy disks demagnetizer


PCT-220HD(Magnetic property stored media)hard disk data demagnetizer is an equipment which can rapidly destroy all information stored on the hard disk, floppy disk, tape or on magnetic card. It is characterized with optimal magnetic circuit design, obvious indication in functioning status, advance in controlling electrical circuit, automation in discharging and powering off, having a demagnetizing field far exceeding than necessary for demagnetization of the magnetic media. It is non-contact controlled by adopting controllable high-power silicon switch, by which way contact noise making and aging that is inevitable for mechanical switch are avoided thus working life is prolonged. It is equipped with self wind-cooled forced heat-dissipation device, further enhancing its stability.

Working principle

Under operating circumstances, AC current will be added to the demagnetizing wrapping so as to creating AC magnetic fields in the demagnetizing field, then the direction of magnetic induction strength on the hard disk will vary with a certain frequency, decreasing gradually to nil and the demagnetization effect is gained thereby.

Main technical parameters

  1. Application range: to demagnetize magnetic property stored media such as hard disk (with random capacitance), soft disk, magcard, etc.
  2. Demagnetization voltage(V): 0~500
  3. Operating time of demagnetization(s):20
  4. Working current(A): <5A(max)
  5. Magnetic field domain: 35mm(W)×120mm(H)×200mm(D) (supposed to be bigger than the volume of hard disk)
  6. Dimension: 800×750×600
  7. Weight: 50kg
  8. Input power supply: ~220V 50Hz
  9. Power: <1000W
  10. Remark: media except for the hard disk are reusable after demagnetization