PCT-5030TS Demagnetizer

PCT-5030TS Demagnetizer


PCT-5030TS Coil-passing styled demagnetizer, in accordance with magnetic induction principle and magnetic circuit principle, is characterized with optimal magnetic circuit design, a design mostly originated from factories' practical requirements in application, using gradient magnetic fields-based design, which means high-efficiency in demagnetization, reasonable selecting in parts with matched parameters, high-stability and reliability.

PCT-5030TS coil-passing styled demagnetizer, using full-waved current wave form for demagnetizing, is thereby characterized with zero-interference in electrical network, low power loss and high interference-resistivity, it is widely used for demagnetization on such products as mechanical parts, hardwares, automobile accessories, magnet-related products, workpiece, bearing or other elements.

PCT-5030TS coil-passing styled demagnetizer, equipped with belt conveyor, is suitable for quantity demagnetizing application, it is high efficient and easy operating, with an adjustable conveying rate ranging from 0 to 10 m/min, boasting for its high safety in operating and good effectiveness in demagnetization.


Reasonable design of magnetic circuit parameters, low power loss, electricity-saving function, easy operating, energy-saving, powerful magnetic induction and high-efficiency in demagnetizing, equipped with creepage protector, thus more safe in operating.

It is equipped with small lamps and out-connected alarm lamps for indication, thus the functioning status of the demagnetizer could be more obvious. The belt-conveying device is made of abrasion-proof belt and aluminum material that is impermeable for magnetic field, assuring a better demagnetizing effect.

technical parameters

  1. Application range: to demagnetize metal steel parts, workpieces, molds etc.
  2. Demagnetization voltage(V):~380V
  3. Operating time of demagnetization(s):5~30(dependent on different lengths)
  4. Working current(A): <30A
  5. magnetic field domain for demagnetization: 560mm×500 mm×380mm
  6. Suitable Width and height of the workpiece to be demagnetized: 500mm×300mm (after equipped with belt conveyor)
  7. Speed of the conveyor: 0-10m/min ( adjustable by frequency converting)
  8. Conveying direction: positive/reverse
  9. No limit to the length of workpiece
  10. Residual field: <0.3mT
  11. Dimension of Mainframe: 900mm(L)×300 mm (W)×620mm(H)
  12. Dimension of the stand for mainframe: 860mm(L)×500 mm (W)×410mm(H)
  13. Dimension of the belt conveying device:2000mm×560mm×700mm (width of belt:500mm)
  14. Working power supply: ~380V/50Hz(diphase three-wire mode)
  15. Power:<15kw
  16. Weight: 160kg mainframe
  17. 240kg belt conveying device