PCX-220HD Demagnetizer for hard disk and floppy disk

PCX-220HD Demagnetizer for both hard and floppy disks,hard drive Demagnetizer,floppy disks demagnetizer


PCX-220HD (magnetic storage media) hard disk demagnetizer is a device which can quickly destroy information stored in hard disk, floppy disk, magnetic tape and magnetic card completely. The device features optimized magnetic circuit design, detail working status indicator and advanced control circuit. Besides, it has automatic discharge function when shut down, and the strength of the de magnetic field it can generate is far more than required for demagnetizing magnetic media. It adopts high-power thyristor switches for non-contact control and eliminates the sound of mechanical switch contacts and the problem of aging to prolong the using life. Its forced air cooling system enhances the stability of PCX-220HD.

Working principle

When works, PCX-220HD hard disk demagnetizer can generate powerful enough magnetic field in its degaussing box, through the effect of powerful magnetic field, the magnetic recording disk is demagnetized completely and the magnetic recording signal is also eliminated, thus the hard disk cannot be used again.

Main technical parameters

  1. Application range: to safe demagnetize data stored in magnetic medias, such as hard disk (unlimited capacitance), floppy disk, magnetic tape, magnetic card etc.
  2. Demagnetization voltage (V): 0~500
  3. Operating period of demagnetization (s): 20
  4. Working current (A): <5A(max)
  5. Magnetic field domain: 35mm(W)×120mm(H)×200mm(D) (supposed to be bigger than the volume of hard disk)
  6. Dimension (mm): 700 ×500×900
  7. Weight: 120kg
  8. Input power supply: ~220V 50Hz
  9. Power: <1000W
  10. Remark: medias except for the hard disk are reusable after demagnetization