XBF-01 Storage Units Disintegrator


XBF-01 Storage Units Disintegrator (shredder) features low noise during disintegrating the stored medium, suitable for office application, and it is applicable to disintegrate CD, USB disk, memory sticks, software, credit card, IC card, etc. The low noise shredder system is integrated with functions of pressing, extruding and cutting, it can conduct thorough disintegration on medium by double grinding and pressing process. The shredder boasts 7 national patents, by adopting automatic cleaning technique, it is easy to operate and free of maintenance.

XBF-01 Storage Units Disintegrator/CD shredder

Basal functions:

Controlling buttons

Auto/manual button: both operation modes are available, once auto operation is selected, the low noise shredder will scan automatically to see if there is any medium being loaded and run accordingly; if manual operation is selected, one should press the "forward" or "backward" button to control the running of the machine, "forward" button is used to control the forward of the machine manually, "backward" button is used to control the backward of the machine manually, while "clearance" button is used to shift the machine into automatic clearance status, and a clear process of around 3 minutes will make sure its blades clean and neat.

Indication of status

Well-ready indication light: means the disintegrator is in a status well ready to run.
Overloading indication light: means the disintegrator is overloaded
Over-temperature indication light: means the temperature for the disintegrator is beyond allowed limitation. Clearance indication light: means the disintegrator is in the course of cleaning
Auto indication light: means the disintegrator is in automatic operation status.

XBF-01 Storage Units Disintegrator/CD shredder


Storage Units Disintegrator/CD shredder

CD shred comparing to rice granular

Its unique double grinding and pressing device guarantees a perfect shred effect.

To assure good disintegration effect, double grinding and pressing technique is brought in, medium will be cut into narrow strips in first round, then in second round, slim strips will be further cut into fine granules, with an effective residual facet less than 1mm2

Low noise and small volume make it quite suitable for office application.

After power up, it is kept in a standby status (for immediate running), system is on the fly, thus no sounds at all; once CD or any storage medium is loaded, the disintegrator runs immediately with a noise less than 45 decibels.

Compact-structured, easy to lay.

Needless to maintain during operation

This disintegrator adopts extreme hard blade with a service life that can handle 300,000 CD, and doesn?t need any maintenance (e.g. grinding, calibration, etc.) during operation.

With automatic clearance function, residual substances will be cleared automatically from the blade, thus the disintegrator is kept clean and neat.

With overload protection function, once there is a hard matter loaded to cause the overload, the disintegrator will stop working and wait for manual interference until the hard matter is manually dropped out.

Over-temperature protection for automatic disintegrating, when placed at a corner of poor ventilation and become overheated after long running, the disintegrator will stop working until temperature falls to a certain extent.

Technical parameters

Applicable medium: different CD, USB disc, memory stick, IC Cards, Credit Cards, etc.
Shredding rate: 10 CD/ min.
Power: 500W
Power supply: 110/220V,50/60Hz
Volume: 400mmx350mmx390mm (chassis for table top type)
400mmx350mmx690mm (chassis for vertical type)
Weight: 43Kg (desktop type) / 48Kg (vertical type)