YX-3000 disc superfine PSA

YX-3000A type disc superfine PSA is used for super fine particles. It adopts high-speed disc centrifugal sedimentation, intelligent variable-speed control, injecting sample mode and the minimum diameter is 0.04 µm. It is widely used in super fine processing and application.

YX-3000 disc superfine PSA

Technical Specification

  1. Size Range 0.04~45µm
  2. Repeatability: less than 5%
  3. Test mode: disc centrifugal sedimentatin
  4. Centrifuger speed: 1500 rpm and 3000 rpm
  5. 5.30KG, External dimension 430×330×360mm, 110W, 220V, small sample cell vol.60 mm


super fine powder, specially for sub-micrometer super fine powder particle test ranging from 0.1Ám to 5Ám such as super fine heavy calcium superphosphate, light calcium carbonate, talcum powder, kaolin, graphite, barite, mica powder, communalizebentonite, abrasive, medicine, food, paints/coatings, dyestuff, ceramic material, etc.


  1. Injection sample feeding mode leads to evenly spread sample. Computer automatic variable-speed control avoids manual operation error. Semiconductor laser generator as light source leads to good monochromaticity.
  2. High precision, double-speed synchronous motor leads to stable and reliable rotational speed and low fault rate. Intelligent three-layer variable-speed buffer technique leads to stable and clear layered sample under high speed centrifugal condition of the disc.
  3. Special Testing prior to Spacing mode. Use advanced paving theory to process data according to the test curve to keep the result more precise.
  4. Standard Windows 98 software with user-friendly interface offers easy operation and real-time monitor. It has the functions of results saving, locating, comparison, merging, editing, delete, help and system failure automatic diagnosis.
  5. It has 3 different report forms both in Chinese and English including accumulative particle distribution data and graph, compartment particle distribution data, histogram and typical particle diameter range such as D3, D10, D25, D50, D75, D84, D90, D97, D98, etc. The user can edit the pattern, color, and typeface of the report form acc. to specific requirement.

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