YXW-100 Dynamic Image Particle Analyzer

YXW-100 dynamic image particle analyzer is domestic originate international advanced new particle size analyzer with dual analysis for shape particle distribution. Modified new cycling dispersing system and software data process module complete solve the defects of static image analyzer, such as complicated sampling, bad sample representativeness and overlapped particle. It ends up the history that image analyzer is only auxiliary equipments of particle measurement, and opens up a new age for particle measurement. The apparatus implements the international standards ISO/DIS-13322-2, reaching the international advanced level of similar products.

YXW-100 Dynamic Image Particle Analyzer

Technical Parameters:

Model YXW-100 Dynamic particle image analyzer
Characteristic The innovative products which gets the international advanced level by the national identification takes the most intuitive method of image analysis and designs a new decentralized systems and software control and data-processing module to solve the problem of small number of sample and the unstrung representative data of common image product. This product which can output a strong representation of the "aspect ratio ball" of the shape of data has the morphology analysis that other particles testing equipments do not have.
CCD 1028×1024
Lamp house White light industrial 150W
Testing range 2~6000µm
Test principle Image Analysis
Sampling period 1~100 S
Software information Particle image processing software V2.0
X50 Repeatability error <3%
X50 Accuracy error <3%
Dispersion medium liquid
Dispersing way Wet (ultrasound, cycling, rabbling)
Distribution parameters D10, D50, D90
Circulatory volume 500ml
Instrument Size 310mm×640mm×350mm
Instrument weight 22kg
Power 220V 50Hz
Output way IEEE 1394 standard interface
Running environment Windows2000/XP
Output Particle size distribution chart and self-defined table and aspect ratio data, the ball-type data
Statistical methods Quantity,volume and area to analysis the frequency and cumulative distribution
Shape parameter L/D ratio, Bulkiness ratio, Sphericity, Surface factor etc.
Application field All solid particle and emulsion

Main Performance and Characteristics:

  1. Compared with the traditional image analyzer, the data representation is improved greatly. Big particle can be measured in cycling system, and the quantity of sample is not limited, so the analysis result is completely representativeness.
  2. Compared with laser particle size analyzer, YXW-100 has irreplaceable analysis ability for shape and size. It can not only analysis particle size, but also can analysis shape. It still can show many analysis results including particle distribution curve, sphericity and elongation.
  3. YXW-100, with software of good performance, is not only able to collect images with high speed, meanwhile display, analyze particle size and shape, but also to record all the data of the entire process, therefore adopted in on-line particle measurement.

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