YX-1600 image particle analysis system

YX-1600 image analysis system for particle size is multi-functional including image distribution test and particle size analysis. The image analyzer for particle size is the integration of the traditional microscopy and advanced image processing technology, it consists of optical microscope, CCD camera, image acquisition system, computer, printer, etc. The basic operation is performed by firstly taking the picture of the image in microscope by a special camera, secondly transmit the image obtained to the computer by image acquisition system, thirdly process and analyze the image in special particle size analysis software, finally output the result through monitor and printer. It is characterized by direct-image, direct-view, accuracy, broader range, automatic recognition, statistics and quantification. In addition to examining the shape of the particle, it gives particle size distribution analysis and the ratio of length to diameter (L/D), etc. therefore it becomes a new method for particle size test in scientific research and production field.

Image Analysis Theory:

It applies statistics to the particle quantity and the pixel included in each particle and figure out how much is the round area and the ball cubage and then get the diameter of the round area and the diameter of the ball cubage as well as the length-diameter ratio. Then it applies statistics to all data to get the particle size distribution.

YX-1600 image analysis system for particle size

Technical Specification

  1. Size Range: 1-3000µm
  2. Max Ampl.: 1600
  3. Max Resolution: 0.1µm
  4. Digital video camera: 3 million pixel
  5. Repeatability:<3%(error results from sample preparation not considered)
  6. Ruler mark: 10µm
  7. Analyzing range: particle size distribution; length-diameter ratio distribution; roundness distribution
  8. Automatic division rate: < 1 second
  9. Division success odds: > 93%
  10. Working environment: window2000, XP
  11. connecting port: RS232 or USB
  12. Particle size distribution type: volume, area, number, L/D
  13. Microscope: local biological lens, imported biological lens or golden-image lens
  14. Output Items: Results output: Original parameter (including sample information, test information, etc), analysis data (including differential distribution, cumulative distribution, average diameter, the ratio of length to diameter (L/D), etc.), image (differential particle size distribution histogram and cumulative distribution curve etc.)

Applicable occasion:

  1. For grinding material: diamond; carborundum; carbonized boron; corundum; oxidated cerium
  2. For battery material: hall-shaped graphite; cobalt acid lithium
  3. Used in other methods to measure particle sizes

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