YXW-2000ZD Intelligent Wet Benchtop Laser Particle Size Analyzer

This intelligent wet benchtop laser particle size analyzer adopts comprehensive scattering light detection system with highly sensitive ring photoelectric detector improve the test accuracy greatly. Built-in cycling dispersing system avoid the sedimentation of large particle. Strong data-handling capacity and original unconstrained fitting protect accurate result with highly resolving power. Furthermore, intelligent control system developed by ourselves makes sure operation, calibration, and data processing at a full-automatic model to reduce workload of operator making flow more standardization, and minimize personal error.

YXW-2000ZD Intelligent Wet Benchtop Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Technical Parameters

  1. Testing Range: 0.1-40µm / 0.6-120µm / 1-300µm
  2. Number of Channel: 32×3
  3. Accuracy / Repeatability Error: <1%
  4. Testing Speed: < 2min
  5. Laser: He-Ne; λ=632.8nm; p>2mw; >20000h
  6. Dispersing Way: Ultrasonic Dispersion / Mechanical Rabbling
  7. Application Field: Any nano, semi-nano solid particle and emulsion
  8. Operation Model: Intelligent / Full Automatic

Main Performance and Characteristics:

Advanced intelligent operation model: Greatly reduce workload and make test flow more standardization. Minimizing personal error to improve repeatability of testing result.

Automatically calibration system: Adopting two-phase hybrid stepper motor and automatically calibration system make fretting reach nano level to get optimum light path time. It is specialize in high-end users who require high accuracy test result, complicated working condition and high grad light path.

Intelligent data analysis software module: Through setting for software,the user can delete bad data and deals with the data synthetically to output final report directly, so as to avoid complicated human data process and improve repeatability and representativeness of result greatly.

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