YXW-2005 Wide Range Intelligent Wet Benchtop Laser Particle Size Analyzer

YXW-2005 wide range laser particle size analyzer analysis of widely distributed powdery material ranging form 0.05 to 780 micron. This instrument suits for factory laboratory, colleges quality control, product checking, scientific researching and novel product developing YXW-2005 consists of two components, main machine and the computer. Though standard serial interface bilateral communication between main machine and computer is put into practice.

YXW-2005 Wide Range Intelligent Wet Benchtop Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Technical Parameters:

Technical parameters YXW-2005
Analyzing range 0.05-780 µm
Dispersing media distilled water, alcohol and other transparent liquids
Sample dispersing changeable supersonic time: 1-4 minutes
changeable stirring speed: 0-500 rpm
Accuracy error <1% (national size standard material)
Repeatability error <1% (national size standard material)
Power 110/220V, 50/60hz
Dimension 660mm×320mm×388mm
Weight 22kg
Number of channel 77
Laser He-Ne: λ=632.8nm, p>3mw
Content of the sample bath 400ml
Temperature 10-30°C

Main Performance and Characteristics:

Advanced analyzing principle: by adopting the most advanced converging Fourier conversion light path, the restriction of lens aperture to scattering angle was overcome and the analyzing accuracy for submicron particles is efficiently improved. This instrument is specialized by the advantages and repeatability.

Outstanding distinguishing ability: The instrument can put out real analyzing result for various particle distribution.

Unique characteristics of sample disposing system: The national patented wet disposing system is put into use. Mechanical stirring ensures uniform dispersing. Ultrasonic high frequency shaking fully disperses the aggregated granules Electromagnetic circulating pump makes the big and small granules system. All the above mentioned basically guarantees the analyzing accuracy and repeatability for widely distributed samples.

Simple operation and speedy analyzing: Put in the dispersing medium and the analyzed start the super sound producer to disperse the sample completely nd then actuate the circulating pump, the actual analyzing process takes just a few seconds. The analyzing result is displayed and printed by particle distribution data form, distribution curve, surface ratio volume, D10, D50, D90 etc.

Plentiful and intuitional output data: The particle specialist software for this instrument can be operated on various computers with window platform and is characterized by easy operation and intuitional output. The instrument not only can analyze the sample dynamically, but also have strong function of data processing and output.

Authentic analyzing standard: This instrument is calibrated with national size standard material and the analyzing result is comparable with that of the foreign instruments of same category.


Cement, ceramics, drug, coatings, dyestuff, pigments, fillers, chemical products, catalyst, drillingmud, abrasives, lubricants, coal powder, mud and sand, dust, cell, bacteria, flour foodstuff, additives, pesticide, explosives, graphite, photosensitive materials, fuel, metal and nonmetal powders, calcium carbonate, china clay, water and coal paste, and other powdery materials.

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