YXW-2008 Wide Range Intelligent Laser Particle Size Analyzer

This instrument is a wide range intelligent laser particle size analyzer including millimetre, micro-meter, semi-micro meter and nano meter. Besides adopting Winner traditional technology advantage, it also adopts new patent measure technology. Not only the testing range is expanded, but also the resolving ability for super micro particle is improved. YXW-2008 is a representative of the various aspects of the industry's leading domestic level.

YXW-2008 Wide Range Intelligent Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Technical Parameters:

Model 2008A 2008B 2008C 2008D
Testing Range 0.05µm-2000µm 0.1µm-2000µm 0.1µm-1200µm 0.05µm-1200µm
Number of Channels 136 117 115 134
Application Fields All solid particle and emulsion
Features Accuracy: <3%; Repeatability: <3%
Laser: He-Ne; λ=632.8nm; p>2mw; >20000h
Dispersing Way: Ultrasound dispersing / Complete inside cycling / Mechanical rabbling
Testing Speed: < 2min/time
Operation Mode: Full Auto / Auto Calibriation

Main Performance and Characteristics:

Most advanced testing technology: This instrument adopts MIE principle, onverging Fourier conversion light technology and unconstrained fitting technology. At the same time, it also adopts new frequency spectrum detection system and new ultrafine particle testing technology. So as to improve the instrument ability greatly.

Full automatic operation: After setting through computer according to the sample, other operations including water injection,dispersing ,measurement and clear etc will be finished by itself.

Wonderful dispersing cycling system: Besides the ultrasound and mechanical rabbling for wide distribution and particle with bigger weight, there is a special design of circulating pump of big flow to avoid the disappear of big particle to cause unreal result. So this instrument has a wide range applications.

Authoritative testing standard: Though using international particle standard material to calibrate for instrument, the real and accurate result is ensured for that.

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