YXW-3003 Dry Fully Automatic Laser Particle Size Analyzer

This instrument is our fourth-generation dry way laser particle size analyzer. It adopts the most rational structure and new dispersing parts, so the dispersing effectiveness is twice more than similar products. It adopts air as dispersing medium, and takes advantage of turbulence dispersing, high precision feed device, patented injection pump and oil free quiet gas resource to ensure the sample dispersed adequately. This instrument can be applied to all dry powder material, especially for the material which can react with water or change shape in liquid. The accuracy and repeatability is as well as wet-way laser particle size analyzer. And it is a perfect choice for high universities, research institute and mine-industrial enterprises for research, new products development, product testing and quality control.

YXW-3003 Dry Fully Automatic Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Technical Parameters:

Model YXW-3003
Technical Parameters Analyzing range YXW-3003A 0.1~300 µm
YXW-3003B 0.1~500 µm
Dispersing way Dry, turbulence dispersing
Dispersing medium Air
Accuracy error < 3%
Repeatability error < 3%
Power AC 220V, 50Hz
Measurement (main instrument) 845mm×362mm×430mm
Analyzing speed 30 S
Number of channel 70 grade/ section
Communication 1 km
Laser He-Ne; λ=632.8nm; p>2mw; lifetime>20000H
Application fields Any solid particle
Operation mode Manual / Auto
Temperature 10-300°C

Main Performance and Characteristics:

  1. Automatic centering system: All testing operations can be controlled by computer. Except to add the sample, testing person only need to operate the computer. One needn't to operate directly and lessen work intensity and improve the work efficiency.
  2. Advanced testing principle: Adopting the principle of MIE optical scatter, the instrument confirms the particle size and distribution by measuring the scattered spectrum of the particle cluster.
  3. Reliable sample dispersion: By adopting the compressed air as the dispersion medium and making use of the dispersion theory of turbulent current, the instrument makes the testing sample dispersed completely. All those ensure the tested result is accurate and repeatable.
  4. Easy operation and fast testing: The testing operation adopts Full-automatic control. The dynamic test software collects data quickly. The compressed air blows cleanly the test pipe in time. All these make the whole process take no more than one minute per time.
  5. Plentiful and intuitional output data: The instrument software can be operated on all kinds of computers with Window system and is characterized by its easy and intuitional operation. Not only can it examine the sample dynamically, but also have strong data processing and output performance. Users can choose and design their ideal form and diagram output.
  6. Wide range of application: It is suitable for all dry powders, it is not limited by the physical and chemical properties of the particle.


Cement, ceramics, drug, coatings, dyestuff, pigments, fillers, chemical products, catalyst, abrasives, coal drst, mud and sand, dust, flour, foodstuff, additives, pesticides, explosives, graphite, photosensitive materials, fuel, metal and non-metal powders, calcium carbonate, china clay and other powdery material.

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