YXW-3008 Wide Range Dry Laser Particle Size Analyzer

This instrument is our company new wide range dry laser particle size analyzer to fit wildly distribution. For advanced testing principle, full automatic operation and intelligent data analysis, the accuracy and repeatability is improved greatly. It is a perfect dry laser particle size analyzer.

YXW-3008 Wide Range Dry Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Technical Parameters:

Model YXW-3008A YXW-3008B
Testing Range 1µm~2000µm 1µm~1200µm
Number of Channel 100 98
Application field All solid particle and emulsion
Features Accuracy / Repeatability error < 3%
Testing speed: < 0.5min
Operation Mode: Intelligent / Full auto
Laser: He-Ne λ=632.8nm; P>4mw; >20000h
Dispersing way: Dry Turbulence dispersing

Main Performance and Characteristics:

  1. New testing principle: Besides classic MIE, advanced converging Fourier conversion light path and unconstrained fitting, it also adopts frequency spectrum amplifying technique, so the testing range is expanded easily without expanding light path.
  2. Convenient operation: Because of full automatic operation, the user only need to set through computer according to the sample feature, and all the testing processes will be finished within half a minute by computer.
  3. 3D automatic calibration: Adopting photoelectric detector 3D calibration, the manual installation is canceled. So the whole light path can be calibrated at anytime, and supply enough protection for accuracy and stability.
  4. Intelligent data analysis: During the testing process, it can output accurate result through computer intelligent analysis system.

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