YXW-2308 Wet-dry Laser Particle Size Analyzer

YXW-2308 Wet-dry laser particle size analyzer is a carefully designed instrument. It is a full-scale and wet-dry intelligent laser particle size analyzer. It is a real analyzer integrated wet and dry two ways in one instrument. It is the first choice for measuring many kinds of particles with wild distribution for powder enterprises and sciences research center. It adopts new advanced testing technology to expand the range of measurment. So it has a great universality and applicability to meet more requirements of customers for laser particle analyzing.

YXW-2308 Wet-dry Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Technical Parameters:

Model 2308A 2308B 2308C
Testing Range 0.05µm~2000µm (wet)
1µm~2000µm (dry)
0.1µm~2000µm (wet)
1µm~2000µm (dry)
0.1µm~1200µm (wet)
1µm~12000µm (dry)
Number of Channel 136 (wet)
100 (dry)
117 (wet)
100 (dry)
115 (wet)
98 (dry)
Application field All solid particle and emulsion
Features Accuracy / Repeatability error < 3%
Testing speed: < 3 min/time
Operation Mode: Intelligent / Full auto
Laser: He-Ne λ=632.8nm; P>4mw; >20000h
Dispersing way:
Wet: Ultrasound dispersing / Complete inside cycling / Mechanical rabbling
Dry: Turbulence dispersing

Main Performance and Characteristics:

  1. Wet and dry: One light path and two dispersing systems for wet and dry can meet different requirements of testing. It has less volume, automatic operation and easy change-over.
  2. Advanced light path: Adopting converging Fourier conversion light technology, the restriction of lens to aperture to scattering angle was overcome, and shortest focal distance improve the resolution greatly.
  3. Strong dispersing system: Strong dispersing system can meet dry way, wet day, large range and super smaller particles' dispersing at the same time.
  4. Authorization testing standard: The instrument is calibrated at full range through many kinds of national standard material, so it can ensure that within full scale, the customers can get real and accurate testing result.

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