YXJ-9200 Portable Laser Particle Size Analyzer

YXJ-9200 portable high-resolution laser particle size analyzer utilizes MIE laser scattering principle. This instrument can be used for size distribution analysis of powdery material with size ranging from 0.1 to 300µm. Factory laboratories, colleges and universities, researching institutes can use YXJ-9200 for product checking. Scientific researching of portability applied by YXJ-9200 is a creative technical in the world.

YXJ-9200 Portable Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Technical Parameters:

  1. Analyzing range: 0.1-40µm / 0.6-120 µm
  2. Number of channel: 32×2
  3. Analyzing speed: < 3 minutes/time
  4. Repeatability error: < 1%
  5. Accuracy error: < 1%
  6. Dispersing medium: distilled water, alcohol and other transparent liquid
  7. Volume of the sample bath: 300ml
  8. Sample disperse: Ultra-sonic 40kHz 70w
  9. Agitate: 300rpm
  10. Output way: standard Rs232 interface
  11. Power: AC 220/110v; 50/60Hz
  12. Laser: He-Ne λ=632.8nm, 3mw, lifetime>20000h
  13. Measurement: 620mm×320mm×188mm
  14. Weight: 16kg

Main Performance and Characteristics:

  1. Advanced analyzing principle: The principle of accurate complete MIE scatter was put to use, patented technology of converging Fourier changing light path was invented and utilized for size analysis. All these efficiently improved the analyzing accuracy of the instrument which represents the highest update size analyzing level.
  2. Superb distinguish ability: 0.1 to 300 micron meter analyzing range is divided into 2 grades: 0.1-40µm; 0.6-120µm there is no need to change parts when analyzing range varies. Different from the other, YXJ-9200 has higher distinguished ability because it utilizes non-constraint free inversion software and the sizes below 2µm are divided into 12 grades. The instrument can put out real analyzing result for various particle distributions.
  3. High performance and convenient sample preparation: Characterized by its simple operation and handy rinsing, the ultra-sonic wet sample preparation dispersing system meets various particle dispersing demands. During the analyzing process particle concentration immediate display and easy adjustment result in avoidance of recapturing and the accurate and reliable analyzing result is ensured.
  4. Quick and simple analyzing operation: Without putting in any parameters, without memorizing any instructions, the analyzing process can be easily fulfilled by controlling six operation keys. The whole operation process including sample preparation, printing and rinsing only take 3 minutes.
  5. Plentiful and intuitional output data liquid crystal display screen installed on the instrument front panel directly show the background spectrum, sample spectrum. Size distribution data form and histogram. The printer inside the instrument timely prints size distribution volume percentage, D10, D50, D90, mean size, histogram and cumulative curve.
  6. Great potentialities of communication function: Standard serial interface enable the instrument to have a function to communicate with various computers. Friendly interface of the sub-software under windows is capable of processing data including memorizing, statistics, analyzing, comparing and re-developing. Fitted with online sampling assembly, this instrument can be used for online analyzing with remote monitoring.
  7. Authentic analyzing standard: YXJ-9200 is calibrated with national size standard material and the analyzing result is comparable with that of the foreign instruments of same category.

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