YXW-801 Photon Correlation Nano Laser Particle Size Analyzer

The newly developed YXW-801 photon correlation nano laser particle size analyzer is based on the dynamic light scattering. It is the first nm particle analyzer which adopts data correlator. It features speed testing, easy operation, high resolution, high repetitive, more accurate result and so on. Because of independently developed high speed data correlator and exported advanced PMT as the core of instrument. It is the first choice for customer to measure nm particle.

YXW-801 Photon correlation nano laser particle size analyzer

Technical Parameters

  1. Test Range: 1~3500nm
  2. Repeatability Error: <5%
  3. Accuracy Error: <5%
  4. Laser: LD Pump Laser,λ=532nm
  5. Detector: (PMT)
  6. Scattering Angle: 90°
  7. Sample pool: 40mm×10mm×10mm, 4ml
  8. Testing Temperature: 10~35°C

Digital Correlator Technical Parameters:

  1. Modle: CR140
  2. Self-correlation channel: 140
  3. Baseline Channel: 4
  4. Min. resolving time: 8ns
  5. Delay Time: 400ns-10ms (adjustable)
  6. Operating Rate: 125M
  7. No-overflow Time:> 1h
  8. Field: Any nano, semi-nano solid particle and emuslion

Technology Advantage and Feature

  1. Advanced testing principle: This instrument adopts dynamic light scattering and photon correlation spectrum, and measure particle size and shape according to Brownian movement. These advanced principle and high accuracy protect the testing result the truth and effectiveness.
  2. High sensitivity and SNR: The detector of his instruments adopts exported professional PMT, and it have high sensitivity and SNR for photon to make sure the accuracy of testing result.
  3. High resolution: It must can resolute the nm signal rise and fall adopting PCS to measure nm particle size. The core of this instrument adopts independently developed CR128 date corellator, so it can reach realizing 8 ns resolution and have a very high signal processing speed, and it can make sure the accuracy testing result.
  4. Super calculating speed. The instrument adopt independently developed CR128 to collect data and calculate real-time, and the data processing speed can reach 125M to make sure to show the information of dynamic light scattering in time.
  5. Stable light path. Through adopting LD pump laser and optical fiber light system, it can make the photon correlationg spectrum detection system have less volume and strong anti-interference performance to protect the result accuracy.

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