YX-2000 scanning sedimentation PSA

YX-2000 type scanning sedimentation PSA is mainly used in the abrasive and metal powder particle test. It is driven by imported stepper motor. It has high scanning precision, flexible control, easy operation and high repeatability and is widely used in scientific research, production progress control, teaching, etc.

YX-2000 scanning sedimentation PSA

Technical Specification

  1. Size Range:0.4µm-300µm
  2. Test Mode:Gravitaty sedimentation,gravity+scanning
  3. Repeatability error:less than 4%(error on D50)
  4. Time:Normally 10-20 mins
  5. 35KG,External dimension:500×300×330mm, 180W, 220V, 50Hz


  1. Various metal powder such as aluminum powder, zinc powder, molybdenum powder, tungsten powder, magnesium powder, copper powder, rare-earth metal powder, alloy powder, etc.
  2. Various abrasive micro-powder such as silicon carbide, white corundum, brown corundum,silicon nitride,boron carbide and other micro-powder with fairly-high intensity within test range
  3. Other micropowders with large density within the size range.


  1. Tested by international standard GBW(E)120009,abrasive,etc
  2. Content of Test report:cumulative particle size percent,differential particle size percent, cumulative curve,differential histogram,D50,average diameter,D3,D6,D10,D25,D50,D75,D84,D90,D97,D98,Max size,SSA,etc.
  3. Standard Windows software with user-friendly interface offers easy operation. It has the functions of results saving, locating, comparison, merging, editing, delete, help and system failure self-diagnosis.

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