YXW-99D Static Image Particle Analyzer

YXW-99D static image particle analyzer is an instrument specially used for analyzing particle size and shape. It gains the particle information through elaborately designed optical microscope and professional lens of camera. It tests particle size, distribution and particle shape characteristics by adopting the technology of image analysis with computer. The instrument has outstanding characteristics including easy operation, clear image, intuitional test, high resolution (high as 0.1µm/picture element) and extensive application, etc. It can be used in colleges, universities, research institutes and large and mediums-sized enterprises for new products developing, quality and technology controlling.

YXW-99D Static Image Particle Analyzer

Technical Parameters:

  1. Range of tested particle size > 0.8%
  2. Accuracy error < 5%; Repeatability error < 5%
  3. Maximum multiple 1600
  4. Maximum resolution rate 0.1µm/picture element
  5. Diameters of the output particle: equivalent area diameter, equivalent perimeter diameter, tangent diameter, martin's diameter
  6. Types of particle distribution: piece number distribution, length distribution, area distribution volume distribution, cumulating distribution, frequency distribution
  7. Symptom diameter: D10, D25, D50, D75, D90, D100, Dp, s/v surface/volume
  8. Statistic mean size: Xnl Xns Xnv Xls Xsv Xvm
  9. Shape analysis particle spheroid: particle length ratio width, particle immensity rate
  10. Dimensions: 240×180×560mm
  11. Applicable computer: P4-1 7G/128M/40G 17" color display
  12. Software working environment: windows98 windows2000 windows XP
  13. Free-charge training, one year guaranteed, whole life service, free-charge software upgrade

Main Performance and Characteristics:

  1. Adopting advanced flat-field microscope system and professional lens of cameras, it has high resolution ability.
  2. Supporting two equipments of CCD and digital camera simultaneously.
  3. With its strong function software for image processing, the instrument meets all requirements for image processing.
  4. Supporting all sorts of equivalent particle diameters.
  5. Testing and checking many particle distributions of grain cluster.
  6. Outputting all series of statistic average diameters of grain cluster.
  7. Through centralized dealing with many particle images, it efficiently improves sampling representativeness.
  8. It can not only analyse particle size, but also can analyse quantitatively particle shape.
  9. Output particle images selectively.
  10. With standard micro dividing ruler installed, the accuracy of the instrument can be checked at any time.

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