NdFeB compound

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With a whole series of advanced mixing milling equipments brought into from abroad, our company is in good position of supplying NdFeB compounds for injection application, which are not only good at consistency but also stable at magnetic property, especially suitable for injection moulding application. Nylon 6, 12, PPS, or other macromolecule materials will be available according to customers' requirement.

Injection NdFeB compounds are composition mixed out of permanent NdFeB powders and polyethylene nylon compounds under high temperature. Injected magnetic part works of any possible shapes are available by injection moulding process. The parts produced, which are with favorable characteristics, can be widely used in home appliances, automobile industry, office automation equipment, different kinds of sensors, etc. Our company is equipped with whole advanced production line and the testing equipments introduced from abroad, we can produce compounds in series catering to different requirements from different customers.

Physical & Magnetic properties Of Injection Bonded NdFeB Compound
Br (kG) 3.60~4.10 4.10~4.60 4.60~5.10 5.10~5.70 5.40~5.70 5.90~6.30 6.10~6.50
HCB (kOe) 2.7~3.3 3.2~3.9 3.8~4.3 4.2~4.6 4.5~4.9 4.8~5.3 4.8~5.3
HCJ(kOe) 8.00~9.10 8.30~9.30 8.50~9.40 8.80~9.50 9.00~9.70 8.80~9.70 9.10~9.70
(BH) max (MGOe) 2.80~3.40 3.80~4.40 4.80~5.40 5.80~6.40 6.50~7.10 7.30~7.80 8.20~8.70