SmCo compound,Magnetic Compound,Compound SmCo magnet,samarium-cobalt compound

SmCo compound

With a whole series of advanced mixing milling equipments brought into from abroad, our company is in good position of supplying SmCo compounds for injection application, which are not only good at consistency but also stable at magnetic property, especially suitable for injection moulding application. Nylon 6, 12, PPS, or other macromolecule

Physical & Magnetic properties Of Injection Smco Bonded Magnet
Br (mT) 300-400 350~550 550-680
bHc(kA/m) 199-279 247~358 334-462
iHc(kA/m) 716-1194 716~1194 716-1194
(BH)max(kJ/m3) 20-28 32~52 48-64