XBC-01 Demagnetizer (LCD type)

XBC-01 Demagnetizer (LCD type)

XBC-01 table top Magnetic Storage Units Eraser (LCD type) is a type of demagnetizer used to erase and destroy all information or data stored on HD, floppy disk,

XBC-01 table top Magnetic Storage Units Eraser (LCD type) is a type of demagnetizer used to erase and destroy all information or data stored on HD, floppy disk, PC disk, magnetic tape, magnetic card, CD, cassette etc. The eraser has passed the quality certificate jointly issued by National Security Bureau and the Information and Security Inspection center of PLA (Chinese People?s Liberation Army), it boasts world top quality in aspects of safety, stability and manageability, is an ideal demagnetizing system for reel to reel demagnetizing and daily security data bulk deletion.

XBC-01 Demagnetizer (LCD type)/CD demagnetizer

How to demagnetize data on tape, hard drive, CD or other storage mediums with our demagnetizer completely and safely? We adopt three measures that make sure the demagnetizing equipment running safely and stably.

  1. With in-built voltage monitor, during charging, the demagnetizer can display the real charging voltage constantly, which after well calibration before leaving factory is of a small tolerance less than 1%; due to the direct influence of charging voltage upon the demagnetizing field, it is necessary to monitor it during charging to make sure the charging value is high enough.
  2. With in-built magnetic intensity monitor, it can monitor and display the magnetic field for every single charging, thus will control efficiently when magnetic field is inadequate for failure of discharging loop. Combining with the voltage monitoring function, a "double insurance" is formed to ensure ideal effect for information destruction.
  3. Once inputting voltage is 5% less than normal level, the system will activate its "voltage-enhancing" function automatically and make up to reach a level enough for the demagnetizing operation. This function assures a normal operation for the machine even when inputting voltage has a fluctuation of positive or minus 2%.


  1. With USB interface, the demagnetizer can connect with a computer, and one could control the demagnetizer through the computer conveniently: record the demagnetizing result each time into the database, then with a printer connected with the computer, the demagnetized medium can be well marked with a scotch tape printed with the corresponding demagnetizing result.
  2. By adopting computer, all information regarding units, departments, serial numbers, demagnetizing operator, supervisor and the demagnetizing voltage, magnetic field intensity and other data concerned for the demagnetized medium will be stored into the database.
  3. To enter into the managing interface will not only read all running status for the demagnetizer, but also can conduct setup on it.
  4. By using different combined queries, historical demagnetizing records can be easily searched, thus makes it more convenient to keep statistics and sorting. Related demagnetizing results can be printed onto the scotch tape, and then stuck on the demagnetized medium.

XBC-01 LCD type Demagnetizer/CD demagnetizer

Demagnetization effect

Imaging data of demagnetized HD surface magnetic force formed under microscope

CD Hard Drive demagnetizer CD Hard Drive demagnetizer
Before demagnetized After demagnetized

Technical parameters

Applicable medium: HD(≤400GB), Magnetic tape, floppy disk, magcard, etc.
Demagnetizing time: 30s~50s
Environmental humidity: Weight: 18Kg Volume: 180X302X400(mm)
Environmental temperature: -10 ℃~65 ℃
Power rated: 90W
Required voltage: 100~240V,50/60Hz