Laser particle size analyzer

YX-9300Z laser particle size analyzer

YX-9300Z laser particle size analyzer

YX-9300Z laser particle size analyzer is the upgraded product of YX-9300S, it has many automatic features including automatic testing, automatic optical calibra

YX-9300Z laser particle size analyzer is the upgraded product of YX-9300S, it has many automatic features including automatic testing, automatic optical calibration, automatic sample feeding, automatic water supply and drainage, automatically eliminating air bubble, automatic cleaning and so on. Generally speaking, that is, as long as the sample added to the circle pool, you can get accurate test results. Moreover, its software system is more powerful and flexible and makes the particle size analyzer highly automatic, much more convenient to use and performance better. It adopts imported semiconductor lasers of power, long life and good monochrome; using specially designed large-size high-sensitivity photodetector array by large-scale integrated circuit manufacturing process; sample feeding using centrifugal pumps and micro-sample pool. It adopts Milosevic Theory and the free distribution model as the data-processing methods. High-precision data transmission and processing circuitry and a series of advanced technologies and manufacturing processes are adopted to ensure the equipment accurate and reliable, high test speed, good repeatability, easy operation and so on. The set of particle analyzer integrates laser technology, computer technology and photonics technology, is particularly suitable to be used by colleges and universities, research institutes and laboratory of large enterprise.

laser particle size analyzer

Technical Specification

  1. Size range: 0.1µm-460µm
  2. Repeatability error:< 1%(for standard sample D50)
  3. Accuracy of error:< 1%(for standard sample D50)
  4. Laser: Imported semiconductor laser, 25,000 hours lifetime
  5. Software running environment: Windows 2000, XP
  6. Interface: USB mode
  7. Photodetectors: 84 (68 ahead,12 sidewards and 4 rearwards)
  8. Test time: Generaly 2-3 mins / times
  9. Circulation pool volume: 500 ml
  10. Circular traffic: 500?500 ml/min
  11. Gross weight: 45Kg
  12. Dimension: 800x500x350mm
  13. Ultrasonic Power: 50 Watt
  14. Power 180W, Voltage 220V, 50/60 HZ


  1. Analyzing or sizing particle size of non-metallic powders such as calcium carbonate, talcum powder, kaolin, zirconium silicate, wollastonite, graphite, silica powder, tourmaline, mica, barite, plaster, bentonite, diamond, quartz, diatomite, feldspar, calamite, clay, garnet, vermiculite, Titanium white power, etc.
  2. Analyzing or sizing particle size of metallic powder such as aluminum powder, iron powder, magnesium powder, molybdenum powder, copper powder, zinc powder, other rare metal power and varied alloy powder, etc.
  3. Analyzing or sizing particle size of pharmaceutical, agricultural pesticide, grinding particle, foodstuff, scientific research, teaching, cement, ceramic, glass, chemical industry, military industry, soil, pigment, oil exploration, geological analysis, river silt and electronic particle, etc.


  1. Integrated design with all plastic surface makes it fine appearance. The use of advanced overall molding process improves the reasonability of the compact structure. The application of the latest anti-jamming technology ensures high stability of this equipment and the failure rate has been lowered.
  2. Full Automatic standardized operation (SOP) Design: draining, cleaning, water and other operations are under the control of the computer automatically. The operations are simplified to one click (power up), one spoon (feeding sample), completing test.
  3. Powerful software is attached. The use of precision Mie scattering theory and anti-liberal model algorithms ensure the true particle size distribution results of the sample. Standard samples can be used to make accurate calibration and verification. Multi-lingual functions can convert the language easily and the report can be converted to word, Excel or pdf format easily.
  4. Unique designed automatic cycle decentralized system is built inside. It adopts advanced passive ultrasound scattered circuit, even when open empty cup, ultrasound will not damage it. Circle Traffic ranges from 500 ml/m-2500ml/m are adjustable; automatic measure when automatic water to avoid media overflow. The unique designed valve guarantees reliable closing and open when draining suspension. Corrosion-resistant pipe and stainless steel shell ensure the durability of the circular decentralized system.
  5. Signal processing and control system are accurate and reliable. The unique design of 80 fan-shaped detectors photodetector array are laid at all directions ensuring the effective reception of scattering signal and increasing particle size testing range. It use USB or serial data transfer method, can be easily connected with computers and laptops to form particle size test system.
  6. New automatic water function: inbuilt suction pump, can transfer water from the low water level buckets and pools to circular pool, which overcomes direct connection to water pipe and eliminate the effect of the water quality and temperature to test.
  7. Automatic concentration adjustment: automatic dilution when the concentration is high and suggest feeding when the concentration is low, which ensure that the concentration always be in the best condition.