Laser particle size analyzer

YX-2002 laser particle size analyzer

YX-2002 laser particle size analyzer

YX2002 laser particle size analyzer, for CWM particle, coal powder, coarse particle, coarse gunpowder, gunpowder catalyst and non-metallic mineral powder test,

YX2002 laser particle size analyzer, for CWM particle, coal powder, coarse particle, coarse gunpowder, gunpowder catalyst and non-metallic mineral powder test, is developed by National Project Technology Center of CWM. The particle size analyzer utilizes the property that the CWM particles can cause laser diffraction and laser dispersion.Fast speed, easy operation and good repeatability, it is ideal particle size test instrument for CWM producer and user. It includes optical testing and signal transforming device (main engine) comprising laser generator, spatial filter, laser beam collimation and laser beam expansion system, Fourier lens, prism, multi-element photoelectric receiver and electric circuit system, etc; sample preparation device comprising disperser, stirrer, circulation pump, sample pool, sample feeding pipeline, etc; computer device comprising computer, printer, test software, etc. It gets particle diameter signal through laser dispersion created by optical testing device and sample preparation system, then transmit these signals to computer for CWM result. Besides, it can also test the particles of fairly coarse powder.

YX-2002 laser particle size analyzer

Technical Specification

  1. Size Range:1µm~2600µm
  2. Repeatability Error: <3% (CRM D50)
  3. Accuracy: <3% (CRM D50)
  4. Principle: Mie scattering theory
  5. Laser source:import semi-conductor laser
  6. Operating system: Windows XP, Time:1-3 mins, Connecting Port: RS232 or USB
  7. Obscuration of suspension:40%-80%
  8. Photocells: 84 comprises 76 forward, 8 lateral
  9. 60KG; External dimension 1000×30×30mm; Power 1000W; Voltage: AC220V, 5 A


  1. Various CWM, coal powder.
  2. Other powder product with fairly coarse particle such as gunpowder, catalyst, chem-industry material and products, non-metallic mineral products, etc.


  1. Imported high-power semiconductor laser generator leads to good monochromaticity, long service life. Precision optical collimation system comprising specially designed large-caliber long focal distance Fourier lens and up to 76-channel multi-element photoelectric receiver array leads to 1-2600µm test range; Completely suitable for CWM particle test and control.
  2. 3-D high precision auto focus modulating device and auto-control software focuses precisely the multi-element photoelectric receiver array center with the light-beam focus. It improves the accuracy and correctness.
  3. The peristaltic circulation and dispersion system has large capacity and large flow rate comprising the functions of sample dilution, ultrasonic dispersing, electric stir, peristaltic circulation, discharging, clean, etc. The circulating pipeline made of stainless steel and silicone rubber is anti-corrosion and free of maintenance. Specially designed peristaltic pump keep the sample circulate in sealed pipeline and make the sample free of contact with any object outside to prevent pollution and being destroyed.
  4. Advanced shaping technology leads to compact and elegant appearance, easy operation and convenient maintenance. The advanced anti-interference technique leads to high stability and low fault rate.
  5. Standard USB connecting mode for data transfer and transmitting makes it easy to connect with various types of Laptops and PC by only one signal line, quite different from the conventional board and card mode.
  6. Chinese windows98 test software offers user-friendly interface and easy operation. From on-time monitor screen, operator can observe the variation of the intensity, particle size, and distribution condition. It has the functions of results saving, locating, comparison, merging, editing, delete, help, etc. and can be connected with any type printer.
  7. It has six different report forms both in Chinese and English including accumulative particle distribution data and graph, compartment particle distribution data, histogram and typical particle diameter range such as D3, D10, D25, D50, D75, D84, D90, D97, D98, etc. The user can edit the pattern, color, and typeface of the report form acc. to specific requirement.
YX-2002 Serial test result (certain CWM test data)
Particle Size D10 D16 D25 D50 D75 D84 D90 D97
Test 1(µm) 5.11 8.14 13.23 32.07 65.14 87.34 110.95 171.51
Test 2(µm) 5.12 8.19 13.37 32.68 67.15 89.99 114.4 178.47
Test 3(µm) 5.11 8.16 13.29 32.37 66.28 88.72 112.81 175.34

Laser particle size analyzer measure the particle size on basis of the phenomena that laser will diffract on partilces. In case the light beam is blocked by particles, parts of them will diffract, angle θ will be formed between diffracted light and the main beam. Both diffraction theory and results from experiment show that angle θ is related to size of particle, the larger the particle is, the smaller the θ is; while the smaller the particle is, the larger the angle is. Further research shows that strength of diffracted light represent number of the particles, thus particle size of the sample is obtained through measuring strength of the diffracted light at different angle.