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Service flow chart

Service flow chart of Smco compound,NdFeB compound,NdFeb magnets,Smco mangets,ndfeb powder,Smco powder


  • Quotation:
    Inquiries by phone, fax or email is welcome, while email inquiry is more preferred, and answers will be made within 24 hours for most occasion (Phone line is busy, sometimes it can?t be reached, besides, there may be misunderstanding problem due to language difference)
  • Customizing service:
    You could provide with detailed requirement information regarding to designing and preferential points, let our technical expertise and experience handle all of your requirements. We have a team of engineers who lend their specialized skill and technical design to meet your exacting specifications.
  • Sample Available & Policy:
    Samples are available at a cost, and always handled and delivered as quickly as possible. Tooling-up time normally takes less than three weeks for small size sample. Send us your specifications today, and we will promptly meet your design requirements with affordably-priced products.
  • Certificates:
    ROHS innocuity certificate.
  • Guarantees/Warranties/Terms and Conditions:
    The quality of our products is guaranteed, Delivery guaranteed in 20 days after confirmation of order, Payment terms could be telex transfer by bank or L/C at sight.
  • Lead Time:
    For sample, within 12 days after order and production have been confirmed
    For batch quantity, depends greatly on how many and what product is required
    The Sales Dep. Should inform the clients within 24 hours after dispatching
  • Transportation service:
    We can provide various transportation: steam-transports, railways, shipping, airplane and express (UPS, DHL, EMS, FEDEX), if our customers need, prices by sea, air or land will be provided for them to convenient selection, door-to-door transportation will also be provided according to customer?s requirement.
  • Consultation service:
    The whole process flow chart, from magnetic raw material to semifinish,finished p magnet, from raw materials to semifinished products to final products will be provided, information about purchasing of all raw materials concerning the whole line, its manufacturing and designing, production quality control will be provided technically.
  • Installation and training service:
    For customers that buy Yuxiang equipments/production line, designing and consultation services will be provided, engineers and specialists will be sent to the very installation location to assist customers in commissioning and personnel training.
  • After Sales Service:
    After sales services such as insurance, shipping, customs, export documents, quality inspections, and maintenance are offered through our customer service center in Xiamen, China.
  • About complain:
    When the Sales Dep. Receiving customers' complain of products, they should make feedback to Quality Dep. with written-form. Then the Quality Dep. will check responsible department, analyze reasons, make and implement new measures. Then Quality Dep. track and confirm experimental effects and make feedback to the Sales Dep.. At last, The Sales Dep. turns to tell clients and obtains customers' satisfaction in time. In addition, our Sales Dep. regularly organizes clients' satisfaction investigation to know if the customers are satisfied with our service and what the customers need indeed.
    If you have any questions or demands, welcome to call us, my company prepares to contribute effort to you at any time.