Sub-Sieve Sizer

Sub-Sieve Sizer

Sub-Sieve Sizer

Average Particle Size AnalyzerAverage Particle Size Analyzer (Fisher Sub-Sieve Sizer) is an apparatus using a gas-permeability method for determination of the a

Average Particle Size Analyzer

Average Particle Size Analyzer (Fisher Sub-Sieve Sizer) is an apparatus using a gas-permeability method for determination of the average particle diameter of powders. Particle sizer operates on air permeability principle. Result is read directly from multi-curve chart on front of instrument after simple alignment of indices. Complex calculations are ignored to get the result. A sample, equal in weight (grams) to the true density of the material, is compacted between two porous plugs in a metal tube, to a known porosity. Air or a suitable gas, under a constant pressure head, is passed through the compressed sample, and rate of flow is measured by a calibrated flowmeter. The average particle diameter of the powder is indicated directly on a self-calculating chart by the liquid height in one arm of the flowmeter tube. No dispersion is required, and the results are unaffected by particle shape.

Average Particle Size Analyzer

This apparatus is developed according to the theory of air permeance that could fast measure average diameter of the powder & grain. People often call it Fisher sizer or Fisher sub-sieve sizer. It is an absolutely necessary measuring device of magnetic material, powder metallurgy, hard-fusing metal, special type porcelain, tungsten & molybdenum material, hard alloy, coloured metal, nonmetal, chemistry, building material, special material for national defence and the research & production of powder. Its main characteristics are as following:

Its performance is very stable, easy to operate and having good repeatability. The pump is specially selected Fisher pump which produced by hard wearing-off metal. It has no noise when works and the pressure are far more stable, so that extends the life span of the apparatus.

WLP- 205 average granularity measurer

In this apparatus, the range of porosity is expanded from primary 0.4-0.80 to 0.25-0.40, 0.40-0.80, 0.80-0.95, so satisfying different requirements from different kinds of measurement of powder industries.

Main technical index

  1. Measuring range: 0.20-50µm (micron)
  2. Porosity range: 0.25-0.40, 0.40-0.80, 0.80-0.95
  3. Repeatability: ±3%
  4. Environment temperature: 25±10℃
  5. Preciseness: ±3%
  6. Power: 30W
  7. power supply: 220±22V
  8. Weight: 18Kg
  9. Outlook size:735×414×244mm3

WLP- 208 average granularity measurer

Average Particle Size Analyzer

This apparatus adds one pressure corrector on WLP-205P. If uses this set tool, it can make the pressed powder reach to same compact extent (any one can do to reach to this extent) and so makes the measurement more simple, performance more stable. Other main technical index is just the same as WLP-205P average granularity measurer

Average particle size analyzer won the second award of scientific research achievements. This kind of product has upgrading continuously in the past several years. Relying on the excellent quality and after sales service, which widely used in various industrial fields, and acquired high praise of users from home and abroad. The analyzer is used for rapid measuring the powder average particle size, which using the air penetration principium. It?s generally called Fsss(Fisher Sub-Sieve Sizer), or Fisher subsieve sizer. It?s a indispensable measuring method for powder research and production which used in Magnetic material power metallurgy, refractory Metal, Special Ceramics, Tungsten and molybdenum materials, non-ferrous metals, non-metallic, chemical, building materials and national defense functional materials

Stability performance, simples operation, excellent repeatability, select the durable Fisher Piston Pump, working without noise, more stable work pressure, and extend the useful life of equipment.

Extend the Porosity range from 0.40-0.80 to 0.25-0.40, 0.40-0.80, 0.80-0.95 bidirectionally, which can satisfy the different granularity measuring requirement various industries.

For measuring large particle size range from 50-100μm (micron), please check our WLP-205A and installation and operation specifications.

Pressure corrector

On the basis of oanalyzer, this kind of analyzer equipped a corrector device, in the test course; the corrector will make the power push down on the stipulated pressure easily. (50pounds =22.7kgf *cm), so that test course have a stability performance, simples operation, excellent repeatability, and other technical data is as same as original Average particle size analyzer.

Computerize average particle analyzer

We have been dedicated in developing laser particle size analyzer for years, laser particle size analysis consists in measuring the size of particles (powders, suspensions and emulsions) using the diffraction and diffusion of a laser beam. Our laser particle size analyzers allow you to view particle shape information along with particle size distribution data, they are widely used in magnetic industry of non-metallic industry to analyzing powder distribution.

Average Particle Size Analyzer

This apparatus is an apparatus using a gas-permeability method for determination of the average particle diameter of powders, equips with a computer, it is easy-operation, high efficiency and high precision. The testing result can directly show the particle size, specific surface area and porosity, and the result can be saved and printed. (supply without printer)

Main technical specification: 
1. Measuring range: 0.1~50μm (model WLP-216A: 0.1~100μm ), during measuring can workout the specific surface area at the same time.
2. Porosity: 0.25~0.95 WLP- 206 Average Particle Size Analyzer
3. Repeatability: 3% 
4. Power supply: ~220V, 50HZ 
5. Power: 60W 
6. Weight:mainframe: 18kg, notebook PC: 2.5kg 
7. Outline:445×240×400mm

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