Laser particle size analyzer

YX-9300S laser particle size analyzer

YX-9300S laser particle size analyzer

YX-9300S laser diffraction particle size analyzer for non-metallic powder is upgrade model of YX-9300H. In addition to all features of YX-9300H, this particle s

YX-9300S laser diffraction particle size analyzer for non-metallic powder is upgrade model of YX-9300H. In addition to all features of YX-9300H, this particle size analyzer has many automatic features including light path self-alignment, automatic sample feeding, automatic water supply and drainage, ultrasonic timer and water flow rate controller, etc. Powerful functional software makes it user-friendly. Imported semi-conductor laser provides larger power, longer service life as well as better monochromaticity; specially designed large-sized high-sensitivity photoelectric detector is manufactured by technique of large scale integrated circuit; sample feeding mode includes small sample cell and flow cell; full Mie theory is applied and data is processed by several distribution models; integrated circuit with highly precise data transmition and processing improves accuracy, repeatability and test speed.

YX-9300S laser particle size analyzer

Technical Specification

  1. Size range:0.1um-340um
  2. Sample feeding mode:Small cell and flow cell
  3. Repeatability error:<= 1%(for standard sample D50)
  4. Test time:Normally 1-3 mins
  5. Gross weight (including all accessories and spare parts) 135Kg;Size 660x280x290mm;Power 180 Watt; Voltage 220V
  6. Precision of self-alignment system:=1um


  1. Analyzing or sizing particle size of non-metallic powders such as calcium carbonate, talcum powder, kaolin, zirconium silicate, wollastonite, graphite, silica powder, tourmaline, mica, barite, plaster, bentonite, diamond, quartz, diatomite, feldspar, calamite, clay, garnet, vermiculite, Titanium white power, etc.
  2. Analyzing or sizing particle size of metallic powder such as aluminum powder, iron powder, magnesium powder, molybdenum powder, copper powder, zinc powder, other rare metal power and varied alloy powder, etc.
  3. Analyzing or sizing particle size of pharmaceutical, agricultural pesticide, grinding particle, foodstuff, scientific research, teaching, cement, ceramic, glass, chemical industry, military industry, soil, pigment, oil exploration, geological analysis, river silt and electronic particle, etc.


  1. Advanced forming technique makes it compact in structure, graceful in appearance thus convenient in use and maintenance. Effective anti-interference technology improves electrical stability and reduces fault rate.
  2. Two sample feeding modes: small cell and flow cell (automatic circulating & dispersing system (ACDS) selectable for user with easy replacement.
  3. Mie scattering and Fraunhoffer diffraction theories are applied in data processing, both includes R-R distribution and random distribution for selection.
  4. Inside self-alignment system controlled by computer will search for lens focus automatically to improve accuracy; separate ACDS make sample preparation more convenient.
  5. Specially designed light receiver array with 76 detectors improves resolving power. User-friendly interface of test software make operation easy including results save, locating, comparison, merging, editing, delete, help, etc.
  6. Six report forms in Chinese and English including cumulative particle size distribution data and graph, frequency particle size distribution data, histogram and typical particle diameter range such as D3, D10, D25,D50, D75, D84, D90, D97, D98, etc. Layout, color, and font of the report are editable.